The California Missing and Abducted Children’s Initiative (Cal MACI)

The California Missing and Abducted Children's Initiative (Cal MACI) is a dynamic process for community stakeholders to develop a strategic plan to address their specific and unique needs in relation to missing and abducted children and their families.

Cal MACI enables the community to more effectively utilize existing resources and services to:

  • Identify and serve missing and abducted children and their families.
  • Coordinate between multiple agencies that may serve the same children and families.
  • Provide special services to missing and abducted children who suffer various types of victimization.
  • Plan and prepare for the worst-case scenario child abductions.

How can Cal MACI benefit our County?

The Cal MACI process has multiple and lasting benefits including those listed below.

  • All agencies develop the plan, so everyone is invested.
  • Each plan is unique to the county.
  • Personal relationships lead to better inter-agency communication.
  • Participants gain a better understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and procedures of the different agencies.
  • Better understanding of the roles, responsibilities and procedures of different agencies leads to better outcomes for victims/families.
  • Specialized training developed to meet the needs of the community and its stakeholders.
  • Proactive approach to address child abductions.
  • Quicker and more-organized responses.

How can my county participate?

We are currently funded to provide this specialized training in two counties in California. Your county must be able to:

  • Gather key stake holders to discuss the current child abduction process and identify training needs;
  • Work with Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc. staff and Child Abduction Task Force consultants in developing and bringing specialized training to the county.

Should your county be interested in participating in this project, please contact:

Sonia Sandoval-Edinger
Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc.
Telephone: 805-584-0525 X 1 for messages

This project is funded by the Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), with Children’s Justice Act funds received from the United States Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime.